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Award: Submit your eSport Photo

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am 24.06.2009
Last year we awarded the best eSports photo of the year for the first time ever. We received a lot of great submissions from eSports events all over the world. For the second time, we want you to submit your best snapshots for the eSports Award 2009.

When we think of eSports there are these images in our heads. It is a great achievement to perfectly capture a moment and make it stick in the audience's mind. Our best eSports photographers shape the way that we look at eSports. In the category eSports Photo of the Year, the eSports Award honors these pictures and their authors.

What we are looking for in this category are pictures that tell a story. Be it of a devastating defeat or an extraordinary victory. The quality of the submitted picture is also taken into consideration, but we believe the capturing of the perfect moment has more importance than pure technical precision.

General Rules of Submission
* Journalists and photographers may send in their own work or be suggested as a nominee by their recipients.
* Entries need to be sent via e-mail to contact@esports-award.org. The e-mail has to contain at least the e-mail address, full name and nickname of the author of the submitted work. A caption for each submitted photo is required, as well as exact time, date and location of the shooting, and date and URL of publication.
* Articles and photos need to be submitted until July 3rd, 2009. To be eligible, the article or photo needs to be published during the time of eligibility, namely July 8th, 2008, and June 30th, 2009.

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